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The Social Security Administration is a large, government bureaucracy. This fact, alone, makes dealing with the agency a frustrating endeavor, even when you are at your best. When your health is impaired, and you are worried about your future and your family, dealing with the layers of Social Security bureaucracy – and the paperwork and impersonal service that come with it – can be overwhelming. You do not have to go it alone. The experienced California disability lawyers at the San Diego Disability Law Group can help.

Most initial applications are denied.

If your initial application for Social Security disability benefits was denied, try not to be discouraged. In California, and all across the country, Social Security denies more than half (about 65%) of all initial applications for disability benefits. Written Requests for Reconsideration – the first level of appeal – are denied at an even higher rate (about 85%). Why is the denial rate so high? One likely reason is the Social Security bureaucracy itself. In an effort to efficiently process a high volume of disability claims, the decision-makers at these early stages of the process tend to strictly apply Social Security procedures and protocols, and to treat all individuals with similar impairments similarly. There is little room for consideration of the unique aspects of a particular individual’s claim. Consequently, mistakes are made, and some claimants who truly are disabled are wrongly denied benefits.

Your chances of obtaining benefits improve with the help of a Social Security disability lawyer.

No rule of law or Social Security regulation requires you to have a lawyer as you go through the application or appeals process. Even the Social Security Administration concedes, however, that your chances of obtaining a successful outcome are greatly improved if you have a knowledgeable Social Security disability lawyer guiding the way. An experienced Social Security disability lawyer – one who knows the law and speaks the language of the Social Security Administration – can help by gathering the medical records and other relevant evidence the decision-maker will want to see; building your case around a persuasive legal theory; and preparing you to testify at your hearing.

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