Meeting With the Social Security Consultative Physician

If you are enduring the process to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, you are probably experiencing frustration and confusion with the process. Having a dedicated San Diego disability lawyer to help you is sometimes essential. The Social Security Administration does not make it simple or easy to receive disability benefits and, counter-intuitively, requires injured applicants to withstand the rigors of mountains of paperwork, extra physical examinations and, in some situations, a hearing with an administrative law judge.

If you are disabled, you most likely prefer meeting with your own doctor at an office you are familiar and comfortable with. Unfortunately, the SSA requires claimants to meet with a Social Security consultative physician for purposes of assessing the patient’s medical situation. The first question asked to most San Diego disability lawyers is “why do I need another medical opinion for my Social Security disability claim?” The answer lies in the Social Security Administration’s rules and provisions which require a detailed and longitudinal picture of a claimant’s medical afflictions. The Social Security Administration hopes that a second opinion will bring a unique perspective to the findings, and it will give the consultative physical special consideration in making its decision.

Another important question is what information the Social Security Administration will elicit from the consultative doctor and how will it differ from the medical conclusions made by your regular physician. In most cases, the consultative doctor’s conclusions will not vary from your doctor’s conclusions and your medical conditions will be apparent and conclusive. Sometimes, the consultative doctor has a different opinion about the nature, severity, extent, and duration of a patient’s impairments. The doctor may also have his or her own opinion about how long the patient is expected to suffer from his or her current situation and whether employment in the near future is possible. The consultative doctor will also make observations about the patient’s ability to perform simple household activities.

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