The Social Security Disability Application

While there is no requirement to hire San Diego disability lawyers to secure SSD benefits, many claimants find that enough issues arise during the course of the application and approval process that it is worth their while. The initial application is rather straight forward, but you need to make sure to include all relevant documentation of your disability.

How to Apply
The Social Security Administration has tried to remain current with technology, while keeping in mind that some individuals are unfamiliar with computers. For this reason, three options exist for filing your disability application. Note that even at this early stage San Diego disability lawyers may be very useful in helping you to have a comprehensive application packet which will give you the best chance of being approved.

The three ways to apply are:

• In person
• Online via the Internet
• By Phone

The online application is quickest because you don’t have to wait for an appointment and can submit it 24 hours per day. Go to Note that if you are applying for SSI, you cannot do so online. However, you can complete some of the accompanying material there.

To apply by telephone or in person, first you will need to schedule an appointment at 1-800-772-1213. Phone applicants will be given a day and time when an SSA representative will call to take the application. Once you have finished the phone application, a copy will be mailed to you for signature. In-person applicants will be given an appointment time. Make sure to bring all the materials with you. Many claims are denied because of incomplete applications.

Accompanying Paperwork
It is vital that you include the Adult Disability and Work History Report in your packet. You will need to explain how your disability prevents you from being able to work. Applicants who are under age 50 will also need to explain why they are unable to work any job they have held in the past 15 years, as well as any easy full-time job.

If you are applying for SSD, hire someone who has a professional knowledge of the process. Call the San Diego Disability Law Group, attorneys George Heppner and Aline Gaba, for a consultation at (619) 338-9000.